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Ministry of Justice

Boxing For Better have been commissioned by The Ministry of Justice to support adults who are currently on lisence. We are using boxing to engage participants in a healthy, positive activity which has the proven benefits of improving health, wellbeing, fitness and confidence. As well as training participants in the sweet science, we are also working towards understanding how boxing can act as a metaphor of life, and the challenges you may face in the ring can replicate the ups and downs of life. Instead of fighting out way out with our fists we are discussing how we can use our experiences in the gym to support us to make positive choices and lead a life free of crime.

Boxing - a metaphor for life
 "Throw your hat in the ring" 
2) "When your backs against the ropes"
3) "Who's in your corner?"
4) "Everyone's a contender"

5) Make it to the top"

These 5 topics help participant realise how the experiences they have had in the gym can help guide them through challenges they face in other aspects of their life.




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