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Boxing For Better C.I.C.: A Year of Remarkable Achievements in Community Engagement

In the heart of Wigan and Leigh, there exists an organisation dedicated to making a profound impact on its community. Boxing For Better C.I.C. has spent the last 12 months tirelessly striving to empower, inspire, and uplift those it serves. With a commitment to inclusivity and a passion for the sport of boxing, this organisation has achieved remarkable success. Let's take a closer look at their outstanding achievements over the past year.

  1. Community Project of The Year 2022:

One of the most significant milestones achieved by Boxing For Better C.I.C. in the past year was winning the Community Project of The Year award at the prestigious Our Town Awards in November 2022. This accolade recognises the organisation's unwavering dedication to the community of Wigan and Leigh.

Boxing For Better C.I.C. has been instrumental in providing free community boxing sessions to children, offering them a safe and supportive environment to learn discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. This award is a testament to the positive impact the organisation has had on the lives of countless young individuals.

2. Coronation Champion Award:

In a momentous event in May 2023, Dave Morris, representing Boxing For Better C.I.C., received the Coronation Champion Award on behalf of Queen Camilla during the King Charles Coronation. He was one of only 19 people in Greater Manchester and only 2 in Wigan Borough to be recognised in this way. This award is a significant honour and acknowledges Dave Morris' remarkable dedication and commitment to the community.

Dave Morris and the entire Boxing For Better C.I.C. team, which is almost entirely made up of volunteers, have gone above and beyond to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. The Community Champion Award serves as a recognition of their exceptional efforts to uplift the borough of Wigan.

3. Runner Up in the Inclusion in Sports Category:

In October 2023, Boxing For Better C.I.C. received yet another prestigious recognition, as they were named the Runner Up in the Inclusion in Sports category at the Believe Sports Awards. This achievement highlights the organisation's commitment to inclusivity and the promotion of sports as a means of fostering unity and personal growth.

Boxing For Better C.I.C. has actively partnered with various underrepresented groups and organisations within the Wigan community, including The A Team Hub, Rowan Tree Primary School, Individualised Direct Support Services, Steps C.I.C., WN7 Out Reach, HAF, Safe 4 Summer, and many more. This recognition underscores their dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Boxing For Better C.I.C. has undeniably had a remarkable year, achieving numerous accolades and milestones that reflect their unwavering commitment to the Wigan and Leigh community. From winning the Community Project of The Year award to receiving the Community Champion Award and being recognized at the Believe Sports Awards, their impact on the lives of children and underrepresented groups is truly inspirational.

As they continue to expand their reach and deepen their involvement with the community, it is clear that Boxing For Better C.I.C. is an organisation dedicated to making positive and lasting changes. Their achievements over the past year serve as a testament to their passion, resilience, and unwavering dedication to creating a brighter future for Wigan and Leigh.

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